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Since 1989, we have remained within our priorities, develop and market products; ecological and natural extracts, designed to combat problems caused by different microorganisms, viruses, parasites and insects, with adverse effects in humans, animals, plants and the environment; Similarly, for the application of preventive and therapeutic treatments, contributing healthily health.The constant evolution of microorganisms, viruses, insects, etc. It requires us to develop ongoing research and new products to combat or control. To do this, we maintain collaboration agreements in research and development, with research centers (RC) and Institutes of Higher Education (IoHE), which gives a great scientific support our products.

Today ; more than ever, the cleaning and disinfection of livestock facilities , cinemas , offices, hospitals , utensils, surfaces , surgical equipment , transport , processed foods and post- harvest, etc. , this ; I require greater attention due to the loss of life and considerable declines in the productive sectors, the lack of adequate programs of hygiene and cleanliness.





"Providing natural and environmental pollutants that meet the levels of excellence demanded by our customers and supervisory institutions , offering innovative products and solutions that meet the needs of our customers."




"Positioning ourselves as the best choice of natural products in the agricultural, industrial and service sectors, strengthening our leadership in quality and effectiveness of the products as well as service to our customers."

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